noise receptor journal archive volume 1

Noise Receptor Journal: Archive Volume 1 book : published July 2020

Noise Receptor Journal functions as a critical publication to shine a light on the often-obscured post-industrial underground. It is also a celebration of, and an archival document charting, the current activities of key artists and labels.

Noise Receptor Journal : Archive Volume 1 draws together Issues No.1, No.2 & No.3, published between 2013-2015, and when combined with additional bonus content results in a 270 page book.

Featured artists: Alfarmania / Aischrolatreia / Aural Hypnox / Blitzkreig Baby / Fieldwork / Genocide Organ / Grunt / Halo Manash / Puce Mary / Survival Unit / Trepaneringsritualen / Wertham


  • introduction covering the backstory of Noise Receptor Journal.
  • 200+ detailed reviews of dark ambient / industrial / experimental / heavy electronics / power electronics releases.
  • 2019 interview with Noise Receptor Journal’s creator Richard Stevenson.
  • follow up interviews with Alfarmania / Survival Unit / Trepaneringsritualen / Blitzkreig Baby

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“Noise Receptor Journal issue continues down the same, high quality path laid down by it’s predecessor (Spectrum Magazine), and probably ups the ante as well. Outstanding coverage of the true underground dark ambient/death industrial/industrial scene” – Jason Mantis / Malignant Records

“A welcome return of underground yet pro-printed magazines after the absence of the days from greats Spectrum, Degenerate, Descent, Bannanfish, Judas Kiss, Denshi Zatsuon, ND, Scraps of Paper and even early issues of Resound and catalogs from RRR, Artware, SFCR, etc . while xerox will always be the most sacred of all zines formats all print is welcome in the era of online corruption that has eroded every facet of society. Keep up the important work”. -Dominick Fernow/ Prurient / Hospital Productions

“A wonderful journal documenting a niche of underground culture while being a cultural document itself. The quality of analysis remains high although the magazine gets thicker and thicker issue by issue. It’s certainly a lot of work but everything’s accomplished with knowledge and lifeblood, one can read line by line”. – Karin / Galakthorrö

“What I enjoy about Noise Receptor in particular is the timeless nature of it. Very good complement to the blog service, which I felt didn’t really give the written content justice.” – Kristian Olsson / Alfarmania / Styggelse

“Noise Receptor zines… epic stuff in handy format. I enjoy with author’s style, he artfully penetrates deep into music and knows the history… if you miss the old times when everyone feels informational hunger about good music, you know how it feels to get a nice zine in hands. Check it”. – Infinite Fog Productions