‘noise receptor’ constitutes my latest endeavour in writing about underground music, which over the last 14 years has particularly focused on dark ambient / industrial / experimental / power electronics and neo-folk type genres.

To date the main bulk of my writing was presented in my own publication Spectrum Magazine, which released 5 self published issues between 1998 and 2001.  All back issues of Spectrum Magazine have recently been re-published via the web, in addition to all of my other interviews, articles and reviews written between 2001-2006.

Have a look around here:

-Richard Stevenson


“I can only recommend this magazine – was one of the best print mags in this genre” – Tesco Organisation Germany

“Amazing work, really cool to see these zines again” – Henrik ‘Nordvargr’ Bjorkk

“These issues are legendary and historically very significant! Thanks for making them available again” – Stephen Petrus / Murderous Vision

“Thanks for putting these online, fun for us oldtimers that still make and listen to this music” – Hærleif / Northaunt

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