noise receptor mission statement:

Write about and promote music I personally appreciate and am passionate about, and avoid reviewing material I dislike, or is derivative.

Based on the above mission statement it logically follows that the majority of material reviewed herein is likely to receive a reasonable to positive review.   As this is a personal endeavour, where the majority of items reviewed will have been sourced from my personal collection, I don’t have any sort of hidden agenda of using this site as a means to getting as many free releases as possible.  If nothing else, it constitutes a creative outlet where I can promote material I feel is worthy of support and added exposure.

As such I am not interested in allowing unsolicited material to be submitted for review.  I personally buy enough music to keep me very busy with music listening, and the last thing I need is to wade through bundles of material I don’t have any passion or connection with.  I am also not interested in fulfilling some sort of ‘scene documenter’ role, in trying to review every single new release which comes out.  Quality over quantity I say!  That said, if you still  want to explore potentially submitting material for review, please review the rules: here (as listed under the ‘discretionary’ tab).

Regarding a potential audience for this site, I am sure that with an assessment of the types of releases reviewed, that you will quickly glean whether this site is suited to your musical tastes.  Preaching to the converted? Perhaps – however maybe, just maybe, this site will alert you to something you may have missed, or otherwise not thought to check out.

Hopefully you will appreciate the material herein.


-Richard Stevenson

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