noise receptor journal issue no.3

CoverReducednoise receptor journal issue no.3

noise receptor continues its adventures into the physical world, where this print venture constitutes the physical manifestation of the noise receptor website, but also contains new interview and art content to differentiate it from the already published web-based reviews.

Whilst noise receptor journal is not intended to replace the website, it is however targeted at an audience who values the permanence of print media over the transience of web-content.

untitled2Details of content and format of noise receptor journal issue no.3 as follows:


  • In depth interviews with: Puce Mary, Aischrolatreia, Fieldwork, Wertham, Alfarmania/ Survival Unit.
  • Genocide Organ profile with 8 rare archival photos.
  • 13 pages of exclusive artwork by Kristian Olsson.
  • 100 in depth music reviews (ambient/ industrial/ experimental / power electronics etc.)


  • A5 Format.
  • Professional print ‘perfect bound’ spine, with matt laminate, thick card stock cover. Colour cover and greyscale throughout.
  • 114 pages in length.
  • Limited to 500 copies.


Copies are available for sale via the following site: (sold out)

International distribution via:

Australian distribution via: (sold out)



Low resolution spreads of various magazine layouts illustrated below:

PuceMarySpread AISspread2FieldworkSpreadWerthamSpreadAlfarmaniaSpreadGOSpreadReviewSpread1 ReviewSpread2 ReviewSpread3

Quotes and Comments:

“A welcome return of underground yet pro-printed magazines after the absence of the days from greats Spectrum, Degenerate, Descent, Bannanfish, Judas Kiss, Denshi Zatsuon, ND, Scraps of Paper and even early issues of Resound and catalogs from RRR, Artware, SFCR, etc . while xerox will always be the most sacred of all zines formats all print is welcome in the era of online corruption that has eroded every facet of society. Keep up the important work”. -Dominick Fernow/ Prurient / Hospital Productions

“You did it again. Again a wonderful journal documenting a niche of underground culture while being a cultural document itself. Again the quality of analysis remains high although the magazine gets thicker and thicker issue by issue. It’s certainly a lot of work but everything’s accomplished with knowledge and lifeblood, one can read line by line”. – Karin / Galakthorrö

“After a couple of months in my possession, I finally got the chance to go through the complete new issue of Noise Receptor. Mr. Stevenson, of Spectrum magazine fame, overdid himself with a bulk of interviews and reviews that keep up the expectations I had after the two excellent previous tomes. Differently by most today’s superficial underground magazines voted to hip minimalism and non-sense, Noise Receptor stands out and enters the category of “things you will read and re-read hundreds of time”, thanks to thorough sincere reviews (a section I gladly skip most of the time in other occasions) and in depth interviews. I can proudly state Richard conducted one of the most intense interrogatories I have ever been submitted to, and the same is valid for the superb discussions to Kristian Olsson, Puce Mary, etc. I really enjoyed the GO special, a project I will never fail to praise… Not one single second of boredom despite the many pages…. So, highly suggested and I really hope we won’t have to wait too long for issue 4!”  Marco Deplano / Wertham

“Noise Receptor, as well as it’s predecessor Spectrum, has always been one of the most quality driven, pure industrial zines in existence, but issue 3 goes even further; full color, twice the size, concise layout and super in depth reviews and interviews. And hey, the back page color ad for Malignant looks super sexy too! This issue features artwork and cover by Kristian Olsson/Alfarmania/Survival Unit, an interview with the same, as well as with Wertham, Puce Mary, Fieldwork, Aischrolatreia, and a profile of Genocide Organ. Chock full of reviews and stuff to look at and read, this is a necessary documentation of the current underground industrial scene”. – Jason Mantis/ Malignant Records


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