noise receptor journal issue no.7

Noise Receptor Journal Issue no.7

Noise Receptor Journal continues its adventures into the physical world, where this print venture constitutes the physical manifestation of the Noise Receptor blog, but also contains interview and art content to differentiate it from the already published web-based reviews.

While Noise Receptor Journal is not intended to replace the website, it is however targeted at an audience who values the permanence of print media over the transience of web-content.

Details of content and format of the Noise Receptor Journal Issue No.7 as follows:


  • In depth interviews with: Am Not, Cloister Recordings Himukalt, Ochu, Pterygium, & Tone Generator (of SPK & Last Dominion Lost).
  • A series of six previously unpublished SPK group photos, taken at The Brickworks, Sydney, March 1982.
  • Collage artwork by Richard Stevenson.
  • 50 in depth music reviews (ambient/ industrial/ experimental / power electronics etc.).


  • A5 Format.
  • Professional print, colour cover, grey-scale throughout.
  • ‘Perfect bound’ spine, with matt laminate, thick card stock cover.
  • 94 pages in length.
  • Limited to 600 copies.

Copies available via:

International distribution: includes the following. with more of the usual suspects still to be confirmed:

  • USA: Malignant Records, Cloister Recordings, Analog Worship, Fantastique, Annihilvs, Doc Monomer’s Audio Emporium (instore NYACK) , Found Remains, New Forces, Material World (instore NYC)
  • UK: Cold Spring Records, Hagshadow, Unrest Productions
  • Germany: Tesco Organisation,  Deutsch Asphalt, Total Black, The Epicurean, Schattenmann’s Zine Zone
  • Finland: Freak Animal, Aural Hypnox
  • Canada: Scream & Writhe
  • Bulgaria: AMEK Collective
  • France: Nuit Et Brouillard

Australian distribution via:

Low resolution ‘promo’ spreads, from issue no.7 provided below.