Short Version:

  • No promos are currently being accepted for reviews.
  • I have NEVER accepted ‘digital promos’.

Long version:

  • No submissions of material for review are being considered at this point in time.
  • All aspects of Noise Receptor Journal (both online & print) is the work of a single individual.
  • On the most part reviewed material does not result from promos being submitted, rather reviewed items have been sourced myself, hence why I do not actively encourage promos.
  • Noise Receptor Journal function to celebrate physical media, so only items with physical pressing are reviewed.
  • No reviews have ever have been based on digital files or digital promos.
  • Noise Receptor Journal makes no attempt to cover all aspects of the post-industrial underground, but instead should be viewed as a window onto what I personally find most engaging.
  • Equally, I am only one person with one perspective on post-industrial related music. If anyone feels my coverage is too narrow (or too wide for that matter), I would implore people to start their own underground-focused publications to cover exactly what they want to read about and document their own opinions. I for one would certainly want to read such publications as the underground needs more ‘zines.

rules for potential submission of material

Noting that I am not actively seeking submission of material to review, there may be circumstances where I accept some items, provided the following terms are agreeable.

  • I will only review material that has been furnished with a physical release.
  • The release must be current and have reasoanble availability (i.e. not be limited to a stupidly low number).
  • The genre of the music must be suitably aligned to the types of items reviewed on this site.
  • I will review CDs and vinyls (and perhaps tapes – depending on the release).
  • If a release is produced on multiple formats, my preference is as follows: vinyls first, then CDs, followed lastly by tapes.
  • I will generally not review CDRs (too often this is indicative of a hastily produced and/ or derivative type release) .
  • I do not review digital releases or accept MP3’s, download links/ files etc as a substitute for a copy of the actual release.
  • If I do accept the submission of a release for review, a full and complete copy of the physical release must be provided.  Any promo versions, or versions stamped ‘promo’, ‘sample’, or with corners cut off, holes punched in covers or other markings to indicate its ‘promo’ status, will not be reviewed.
  • To reduce postage cost, sending CD’s (including front/ back covers) without the jewel cases is acceptable.
  • Any items submitted will not be returned.
  • I am not interested in reviewing hastily thrown together releases, with little care of quality, aesthetic and design.
  • I am not interested in reviewing second rate and/ or derivative releases – again quality over quantity.  Before you seek to have an item reviewed, undertake a detailed assessment of your own work and make an honest judgement of how it stacks up against other ‘pinnacle’ works.  If in your heart of hearts you feel that your material is second rate, or pales in compassion to comparative material – it is probably true – in which case I am not interested in reviewing it.

If the above terms are not agreeable that is quite fine by me. I will happily continue buying releases and reviewing the ones I feel are worthy, thank you very much!  Life is too short to be burdened with listening to and writing about boring, bad, uninspired or derivative music.  This is a passion – not a job!

If you have got this far and are still interested in trying to submit an item for review, contact me with a proposal, including relevant details at: noisereceptor at hotmail dot com

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