2018 reviews

Abscheu Pretense LP Unrest Productions 2017

Analfabetism Skammen CD Malignant Records 2017

Arktau Eos Catacomb Resonator CD Aural Hypnox 2017

Arum Lilies – Dismal Fantasies CD Death Continues 2017

Atomine Elektrine – The Second Moon CD Old Europa Café 2017

Browning Mummery – World of Shells MC Trapdoor Tapes 2017

Grunt – Castrate The Illusionist LP Freak Animal 2018

Halthan – Live at Obscurex Kontti MC Trapdoor Tapes 2017

Kultur Operating P:N:S – Repeat Offense MC Trapdoor Tapes 2017

Linekraft Apocalypse Factory + Liberated Treatment Area Of Bedlamite CD/ MC Aussaat 2017

Murderous Vision – What We’re Able To Recover MCDr Live Bait Recording Foundation 2017

Mz.412 Vs Folkstorm ‎– Live Ceremony CD Old Europa Café 2015

Neurasthenia Psychological Reincarnation MC Trapdoor Tapes 2017

Nordvargr – Metempsychosis CD Cyclic Law 2018

Phurpa Chöd Ritual / Grotta Santarcangelo CD Old Europa Café 2017

raison d’être – Alchymeia DLP Cyclic Law 2018

Stromstad New Devoted Human LP Malignant Records 2017