noise receptor journal issue no.2

NR2CoverLargenoise receptor journal issue no.2

noise receptor has ventured into the physical world, where this new print venture constitutes the physical manifestation of the noise receptor website, but also contains new interview and art content to differentiate it from the already published web-based reviews.

Whilst noise receptor journal is not intended to replace the website, it is however targeted at an audience who values the permanence of print media over the transience of web-content.


Details of content and format of noise receptor journal issue no.2 as follows:


  • In depth interviews with: Aural Hypnox, Blitzkrieg Baby, Grunt and Halo Manash.
  • 9 pages of exclusive artwork by Kim Solve.
  • 58 in depth music reviews (ambient/ industrial/ experimental / power electronics etc.).


  • A5 Format
  • Professional greyscale print
  • ‘perfect bound’ spine, with matt laminate, thick card stock cover
  • 66 pages in length
  • Limited to 400 copies

Copies are available for sale via the following site: (sold out)

International distribution via:



 Quotes and comments:

“Great improvement from first issue! More substance, somehow better lay-out too. One can easily see there is long background in listening and writing about industrial”. Mikko Aspa / Grunt / Freak Animal Records

“The physical manifestation of your website makes us read more! We are tempted to read articles which usually would remain unread if only presented digitally. The magazine’s handy size, the clear layout, a good looking matt finish cover (which is lovely to grab at again and again) make it possible. Suddenly one have read the whole thing and is looking for more. It’s worth reading and you are right: Analysing the abstract. The reviews are elaborately executed with a passion for detail and an extensive thoroughness. Keep noise receptor activated!” – Karin / Galakthorrö

“Issue 2# of noise receptor journal issue continues down the same, high quality path laid down by it’s predecessor, and probably ups the ante as well. Outstanding coverage of the true underground dark ambient/death industrial/industrial scene” Jason Mantis / Malignant Records

“Excellent work and definitely, as you say, a step up from #1. I think this format with more interviews (yet still very thorough ones) than just one works better. Quite a few of the reviews made me think “wow, I need to check this out”. Looking forward to future issues!!” – Pekka PT / Untergeschoss / Sick Seed

“What I enjoy about Noise Receptor in particular is the timeless nature of it. Very good complement to the blog service (which I felt didn’t really give the written content justice).” – Kristian Olsson / Alfarmania / Styggelse

“The zines look really good and the reviews are by far the best I’ve seen in a long time.  I will keep on buying & reading your magazine for sure”. – Neuropa Records

“I got Noise Receptor zines… epic stuff in handy format. I enjoy with author’s style, he artfully penetrates deep into music and knows the history… if you miss the old times when everyone feels informational hunger about good music, you know how it feels to get a nice zine in hands. Check it”.Infinite Fog Productions

“A welcome return of underground yet pro-printed magazines after the absence of the days from greats Spectrum, Degenerate, Descent, Bannanfish, Judas Kiss, Denshi Zatsuon, ND, Scraps of Paper and even early issues of Resound and catalogs from RRR, Artware, SFCR, etc . while xerox will always be the most sacred of all zines formats all print is welcome in the era of online corruption that has eroded every facet of society. Keep up the important work”. -Dominick Fernow/ Prurient / Hospital Productions

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