Linekraft – Bouryoku Kikai

Linekraft – Bouryoku Kikai CD Black Plagve 2012

Not having come across Linekraft before, my inquiries revealed this Japanese project has been active since 2008, with three albums issued prior to this.  It was also noted that Linekraft have been billed as ‘japnoise’, which based on this album does not really tell the complete story.  Yes, there is a fair dose of chaotic noise, but also a large proportion of the sound is built around an old school industrial aesthetic of sheet / scrap metal and oil barrel percussion and / or abuse.

Delivering a commotion of junk metal noise punctured with static squalls and distortion drenched vocals, the title track opens the album, whilst static radio snippets (voices, vocals and music), bleed in and out of the mix.  Next track up is ‘Jinkaku Syougai’ which the longest of the five pieces (pushing nearly 20 minutes), and across its sprawling expanse shifts through a number of segments from doomy grinding industrial to passages of clanging metallic intensity.  ‘Yugou’ again provides an old school percussive industrial type vibe, with its stilted, clanking mechanical pulse and wavering analogue noise.  Alternately ‘Kenjyu Jisatsu’ moves towards a more caustic and loosely composed power electronics / harsh noise piece, complete with segments of yelled / distorted vocals.  Demonstrating yet further diversity to the sound, the final track ‘Kigurui’ flirts more with a death industrial vibe, with an ominous undercurrent and pounding metallic elements.

With its chaotic distortion based aesthetic ‘Bouryoko Kikai’ has a partly composed, partly improvisation quality to its sound and production, which definitely sits within an old school industrial / experimental noise style.  Noting that this Malignant Records side label seems to cater for less refined and noisier fare, Linekraft have certainly found a suitable home.


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