The Rita / Caligula031 – Self Shop

Self Shop

The Rita / Caligula031 – Self Shop MC Nil By Mouth Recordings 2013

Nil By Mouth have again come up with some great item specific packaging where for this release the cassette and two colour printed inserts are housed inside a knee high stocking to tie in with the fetish concept of the release.

The Rita take up Side A with their lengthy single track ‘Mouths on Nylon, Hour Transaction’ which at a most basic description contains scattered and blasting junk noise, offset against explicit voice recordings referencing the thematic material.  The basic sound construction here has an extremely loose, overblown quality which is structured in segmented bursts as the female voices play out their fetish scenario, thus creating a certain sleazy noise aesthetic.  Caligula031 feature on Side B and is actually my first introduction to this relatively new project of Marco Deplano.  Here a lengthy power electronics track ‘Lady Vokovar’ is presented, using mid ranged noise frequencies and wavering tonal layers which gradual build in intensity over its length.  Alternately the hard and heavy barked vocals are rendered indecipherable due to their distortion treatment and being partly buried in the mix.  Although relatively straightforward this track certainly hits the mark with its atmosphere.

Given my personal tastes lean towards power electronics rather than junk noise type material for me Caligula031 is the pick of the day here.  Either way ‘Self Shop’ is highly collectable thanks to the packaging and made all the more so with its limitation of 180 copies.

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