Lust Fist – Kropeer Uten Mellomrom

Lust Fist – Kropeer Uten Mellomrom MC Nil By Mouth 2020

The Italian label Nil By Mouth certainly have the knack of digging up new and currently unknown, but equally top notch projects. Lust Fist being one of the latest discoveries to be added to the list. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Lust Fist sit squarely within a classic European power electronics sound of loosely structured but staunchly song focused tracks; seven in all being presented on this 36 minute tape.

With a similar thick and pulsing tone and approach being employed on each of the tracks, they feature mixtures of semi-burred maudlin synth lines, queasy loops, helicopter rotor blade tones, revving engines, dive-bombing textures, arching electricity and general mechanical thrum etc. Those elements are then further complimented with flange processed and over-saturated vocals which are a standout element, and when taken as a whole the tape manages to deftly balance aggression with a sense of lurking menace. In then applying the trusty services of Google Translate to interpret the Norwegian titles, the resulted translations (whether or not accurate) are certainly telling of mood and atmosphere; titles such as: To Die In A Dying Time; Orgy Of False Existence; Instead of Ending As Abandoned, I End As A Plague Spirit.

Perhaps not necessarily winning on the originality stakes, this is still an excellent no-frills Euro PE tape in the ballpark of The Grey Wolves, Survival Unit etc, which nails its sound perfectly. Packaging wise, it contains a multi-panel fold out card cover with various inserts, and further wrapped in camouflage cloth and sealed with metal wire.

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