Nyodene D / Sektor 304 – split CD

Nyodene D / Sektor 304 – split CD Malignant Records 2012

Two of the heavy hitters of the current Malignant Records roster have teamed up on this release, which comes packaged in the limited box set of Nyodene D’s monster of an album ‘Edenfall’ (read the review of ‘Edenfall’ here).  So what we have on this collaborative release is a total of five tracks spanning 34 minutes (three tracks from Sektor 304 and two from Nyodene D), where each artist has constructed their submitted tracks from source material provided by the other.  In fact to thematically tie in with the parent release, Sektor 304’s tracks have been constructed from sound sources specifically derived from ‘Edenfall’.  So although containing the inputs of two projects, pleasingly the final result is a cohesive collection of tracks which sits somewhere in the middle of their respective sounds.  Yet at the same time the tone does sit closer to Nyodene D’s power electronics/ death industrial sound due to the reduced focus of the trademark heavy industrial and driving percussive aspects of Sektor 304 (…although there are scant smatterings of such elements throughout).

‘The Human Fractal’* commences the CD, which has the feel of a slowly building intro track, consisting of sustained doomy synth layers, slabs of junk metal feedback and scattered percussive elements (both distorted and organic in tone).  ‘All Over All’** steps in next, where Nyodene D puts the brakes on the driving forward motion of Sektor 304’s rhythmic oil barrel percussive sound, morphing it into a mass of distorted noise, looped vocal samples and squalled power electronics vocal attack.  Here the heavy, noise bloated atmosphere is unrelenting over an extended 10 minute duration (…great might I add!).  Although ‘The Shaft’* includes some metallic percussive elements, these tend to not function as a rhythmic driving force, rather are relegated to being one of the many sound layers utilised.  Consequently the track achieves an ominous, staking atmosphere, created via synth drones (which resemble sustained orchestral horns), and spoken vocals partially buried in the mix (…again an excellent track).  ‘Vulture – For Gill Scott-Heron’** is somewhat reminiscent of Ex.Order, built around looped noise elements and flanged vocals, but also achieves a death industrial aura through the militant and heavily echoed, bass pounding beat.  Final track ‘Furnace’* edges towards the percussive sound associated with Sektor 304, where a rhythmic percussive loop sits atop a bed of metallic scrapping textures, pensive drones, and vocals (courtesy of Sektor 304), which build in distortion and intensity over its short length.

Based on the general respect garnered by the contributing artists, in combination with the sheer strength of collaborative material presented here, it seems an absolute shame for this to be limited to a mere 200 copies.  To avoid seething disappointment, grab a copy of the ‘Edenfall’ box set while you can…

* Sektor 304 track

** Nyodene D track


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